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A Select Firm As Unique As You Are

Space matters, especially when it comes to something as intimate as your home. H&K Architects see things differently regarding “house and home.” We believe your home is an extension of you and your personality: it’s the space within that defines a home, not just “brick and mortar.” H&K seek first to understand your wants and needs before […]

Kickstart Kids Corporate Headquarters

This is the new corporate headquarters for Kickstart Kids located in Houston. Kickstart Kids is a nonprofit organization and was founded 20 years ago by Chuck Norris. The design of the new headquarters is based upon the martial art style of Chun Kuk Do, also founded by Mr. Norris. The curved walls, varying heights and […]

Was Gehry right?

Last October at a press conference American superstar architect Frank Gehry said that “98 percent of what gets designed today is pure …” well, you can fill in the rest.  Suffice it to say he’s not impressed with the 98%.  He was probably having a real bad day and felt a bit cranky.  But was […]

Energy Efficient Design

Our designs endeavor to create intelligent buildings that use conventional forms of passive environmental design such as natural control of heat gain and loss through proper site situating, building form, and thermal massing, as well as incorporation of new materials and systems including photovoltaic cells and cladding.