Carlsbad, California

Located in the same building that once housed a lumber company built in the 1920’s, this 102-seat theater is located in the heart of downtown Carlsbad Village’s redevelopment district. They chose to keep the exterior of the existing structure, blending the old with the new for the interior by importing rusted corrugated metal siding mounted on an angle on the walls. A curving “torsion wall” spills neon lighting onto the walls while it twists and turns throughout the lobby. At the same time the theater is small, intimate and comfortable. The contrast provides just enough tension and interest to compliment the productions held within the walls of the theater.

Project Highlights

  • 102-Seat Theater
  • 9,633 Square Feet Open Plan
  • Stained Concrete Floors
  • Rusty Corrugated Walls
  • New/Old Interiors
  • Floating Wall at Foyer
  • Recycled Existing Building
  • Contrasting Elements
  • Intimate & Comfortable

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