Irvine, California.

Located in Orange County near Irvine, California, Shady Canyon is an exclusive golf community comprised of 400 homes of various vernaculars. The HOA has one of the most restrictive Design Review Boards in California, demanding adherence to a strict set of architectural guidelines. The owners of this 7,500 SF home wanted a unique look and a unique exterior reminiscent of the architecture found in Santa Barbara. For this reason the architecture varied the massing and created several decks and exterior courtyards. The interior includes a tall living room with spectacular views of the rolling hills outside. In fact, every room in this magnificent home has a view not soon forgotten.

Project Highlights

  • 7,500 Square Feet Open Plan
  • Two-Story Over Garage
  • Three-Car Garage
  • Tall Living Room Space
  • Unique Exterior
  • Central Courtyard
  • Multiple Decks
  • Squash Tile Roof
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Beautifully Landscaped
  • Santa Barbara Mission
  • Spectacular Views of Rolling Hills

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