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Space matters, especially when it comes to something as intimate as your home. H&K Architects see things differently regarding “house and home.” We believe your home is an extension of you and your personality: it’s the space within that defines a home, not just “brick and mortar.” H&K seek first to understand your wants and needs before we put pencil to paper. We listen and observe. Consequently each of our projects is different, reflecting the essence of each of our clients.

Studying form and function and how it relates to people has been a focus for Gary Harcourt and Rick Kaufman for over 30 years. We bring our varied experience to the drawing board to combine passive solar design, strong kinship to the site, light, ventilation and other design principles to provide our clients with not only good architecture, but a harmonious place to live. We also pride ourselves on maximizing your investment dollar. We are honored that our clients entrust us with these most satisfying tasks.
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April 2016 Carlsbad Business Journal

H&K Architects is featured in this months 2016 Carlsbad Business Journal. Click on the links below to discover why “space matters” to H&K Architects.
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Kickstart Kids Corporate Headquarters

This is the new corporate headquarters for Kickstart Kids located in Houston. Kickstart Kids is a nonprofit organization and was founded 20 years ago by Chuck Norris. The design of the new headquarters is based upon the martial art style of Chun Kuk Do, also founded by Mr. Norris.

The curved walls, varying heights and angled pathways are placed in such a manner as to evoke the movements and kinetic energy of Chun Kuk Do. The element of surprise is prevalent throughout, leaving one to wonder “What’s around the corner?”

The design of the new Kickstart Kids headquarters features minimal use of color in unexpected places. The color works in concert with the curved walls and brings a nice spirit to the space. The 6,000 sf facility also contains administrative and staff offices, marketing and I.T spaces, and a large training room with a dojo for “training the trainers.”

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